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   Welcome to my site !!!  :-)

May 12, 2004:
Website updated

Well its been a long time now, and I couldn't update the site much as was very busy with other works. Updated the 'About Me' page now :)

April 15, 2003:
Launched the new design for ArunOnline.com ...

As I'm recuperating from my leg injury at home, I decided to work on a layout for my site, and here it is now ! Still a lot more to add in the site, but I'm in such a hurry

January 1, 2003:
Launched the Web Blog for ArunOnline.com ...

Since I couldn't find time to design a layout for the site, I've installed a Web Blog using the classy web blog tool, B2 (from cafelog.com).

December 25, 2002:
Moved to new server ...

I've moved the domain to another server, thanks to my friend, Mr.Indra Bahadur Pun. The new server is located at the Net Access Corporation (NAC) Data Center in New Jersy, USA.

December 01, 2002:
New domain, www.ArunOnline.com ! ...

Nearly after two years of seizure by NameZero, www.ArunOnline.com was released last week and I was the first one to grab it




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